Awesome Automations

Website & Logo Design. Video Production

Awesome ¬†Automations was one of those clients that come in and say- “You’re the guy in the Video.”

When I first started out I felt it was important to be of the product, since I didn’t have a bunch of results I made my own. I created a bunch of videos all cleveraly titled Video Marketing San Diego, and those vids. lived at the top of search for several years. Several early clients like Andre, and his Awesome Automations company came from those videos.

In addition to the Video Production, Andre quickly realized my team and I could provide all of the Corporate Branding he was seeking. Starting with the Logo Design and the Website Creation. He was really relived at the idea of a One Source Shop.

They are a Smart Home Service and Installation company. Through the use of cameras, sensors, and wi/fi  an Awesome Automations client can control and monitor their homes from any mobile device.

The main idea was to make the technology easy to understand, this was the basis for creating the icon style logo. It also was the idea behind having super star spokesperson Genelle Padilla become the Awesome Automations Girl. She became the central figure on the site, the videos and even the motor home- still one of my fav. vids.