Tanya Paluso – Portrait Photography for Book Launch

So pleased to have the Founder of Tribal Truth, Tanya Paluso come to our outdoor setting for her photo shoot promoting her best selling book – Open Your Heart – The New Feminine Leader.

Tanya came in fantastic energy – Peaceful, calm, beautiful, and clear.  All of those qualities of her mindset made it easy for us to capture her that day.  Full radiance from within, and not bad we had perfect light, and a few light diffusers making the sun really work for us.

Here’s a link to here Landing Page and Video we made for the Launch as well.    See Tanya


METal Co-ed Christmas Event

A fantastic morning of music and connection with the METal people. We also shooting the Live Stream Broadcast with super friend Yifat Cohen.





Compassion Happens Hosts the G+ Gal Yifat Cohen

Dear friends Jerry and Jessica Conti held another one of their events at the gorgeous Seaside Room in Carlsbad.

First time got to meet and see Yifat’s work. She wowed the room with her knowledge and understanding of human connection through technology and primarily through Google Plus.  When it comes to Hangouts, YouTube, G+, Drive, Maps…you get the idea. Yifat is the source.









Women’s Wisdom Luncheon

No photography page of mine would be complete without showing a little of Judy Foster’s Women’s Wisdom.  Judy has been so kind to me as a friend and mentor over the years, letting me hang around when I really didn’t know what I was doing so well. She let me learn and grow, and what do you know? I will always be grateful for all she has done for me.







Ken Foster – Business Expansion 2014

An exciting day as the Primary Film and Photography Crew at Ken Foster’s signature event – Business Expansion.

Friends and clients Eric Lofholm and Lisa Sasevich did a fantastic job at what they do best. Also Gia Heller showed why she has quickly risen to the top of social media experts, funny, sassy, and super smart.

Another event with Ken, and another collection of great moments.