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This is How We Help Our Clients the Best

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Grateful For My Camera

The experience in working with all the incredibly brave people, who step out of their comfort zones, with courage, dedication and guts, who say-“Hey, I can Help!” has had some beautiful, unseen benefits. I’m only discovering just how much my camera actually receives.

Being fortunate to film such a variety of people who have discovered that video is the best tool to share their message,has had the fantastic bonus of helping me become the Best Person Possible.

I often say that I have the most incredible Personal Development Library in the world, and I shot it!  – with some; Fantastic Editing, Animation, Graphics, Music & Sound FX added of course.

Here’s a great example of the Production and the People. San Diego Deputy District Attorney, Paul Greenwood tells you why you don’t mess with Granny.

Your Business Video - Stories That Connect

Some Recent Favorites

OK, Some More Recent Favorites

Eric and I first worked together on a Marathon Filming Day. I only made it through because he was there with me the whole time.

He is a Total Pro!  And now we have many new Projects in the Works!

Thank You for Helping Launch my Video Content!


Scott Duffy

Author of Launch!, Scott Duffy

Oh Man, Oh Man, can I tell you what Eric has done for me!  Before we started working together I was getting maybe 100 views on my Videos, – but after, with his help,

Views, Subscribers, and Traffic to My Website increased like crazy!

He helped me be better on-camera and did his geeky online stuff to really help my brand.

Andrea Cox

Celebrity Raw Chef, The Healthy Haven

I’m so glad to have worked with Eric on several projects. I’m always blown away.  He first helped me get on the television show, Shark Tank.

I was super bad on-camera, but his coaching and directing really made a great environment to grow and learn.

So much of what I first learned in getting on the show, I use in my business when speaking to people and media today. So Valuable.

Michelle Weinstein

Owner, FITzee Foods

The 3 Things We Do For You

We Film Everything in in 1080p Hi Definition Video Using Canon Cameras and Lenses. And for you Audiofiles becuase Audio is a mega important part of Video. I actually believe it’s more important, we record in 16 Bit  AAC Stereo Codecs, using Sennheiser Wireless Lavs, and Pro Studio Boom Mics.  (total geeks rule!)

This is where you find our stories that Compel, Tell and Designed to Sell!

Ah, Promotion. Here Ye, Here Ye…Have We Got Something for You!
Yes, attention is important, and we know how to do that real well,and when it really works is when we back it up with good ‘ole Add Value. What you do, say, or sell, has to Add Value…Give them What They Really, Really Want and you will never have lack of Clients.

We also say Promotion last in our Rule of 3’s – Shoot, Edit, Promote, but we are always  focused on Promote first.
So Welcome this World of Promotion that completely Leverages Web Video;

  • Sales Websites
  • Lead Capture Pages
  • Auto-Responders
  • Top of Search Results
  • Email Content
  • Social Media Content
  • Information Product
  • Membership Site
  • DVD
  • Podcast
  • Transcription to Text for Blog and Author Content.

It’s a Magic Number

It's a Magic Number

What We Stand For

Add Value

One of our Founding Principles is the Mindset of Adding Value.  In all things really, but for here, it’s about showing up Fully Present to our Shoots, Prepared and Ready. Giving guidance and support during the times we are needed most. Capturing someone Live or in Studio when they are Articulating what they really, really do for people, is not common. How many times have you said your Mission Statement out loud, Mission Statement?  Yup, what do you stand for, and how does it sound when you here yourself say it. How about when you get the chance to watch it too. It is very powerful and help give you so much clarity.  -No Problem, You’re Welcome 😉

Total YouTube Views Achieved for Clients on 12/11/15!